14.9. Software Development Outsourcing ABC training
Aika: 14.09.2017, 15:00-17:00
Paikka: Eteläranta 10 tila P24

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Today in the Nordics it is quite difficult to find and hire good developers, or developers with niche competences. This has made outsourcing a more viable option lately. Outsourcing is also uses typically when lack of developers (and slow speed of hiring) is limiting the company growth, or when your development team size needs flexibility to scale up and down for some time.

Pricing should not be the primary motivation for outsourcing, but the fact is that software developers salary levels are currently getting higher and higher in the Nordics, reducing margins and competitiveness. Outsourcing can be a possibility to reduce overall costs of product development, or to find talent that is not available on the home market.

This practical training will give the audience a good overview on important factors which influence and determine if the outsourcing cooperation will be successful or not.

Experienced outsourcing specialists Paavo Pauklin will share his experiences and tips on:

  • When to use outsourcing and when not
  • How to choose an outsourcing partner
  • What are the most common mistakes in outsourcing

The fight for talent will not end and companies will have to find clever ways to compete in this new normality. Ability to use software development resources from a lower cost region can make a difference between success or failure for many companies who today struggle with finding developers and high salary costs.

This training will give you a good basic overview on many important aspects which you will have to know when you once start looking more closely into setting up an outsourcing cooperation.


Paavo Pauklin

Paavo Pauklin is an experienced specialist in software development outsourcing. Paavo has several years of experience in being hands-on in outsourcing projects in Eastern and Central Europe and is today training and teaching companies how to make outsourcing work for them and how to avoid expensive mistakes in doing that.

Paavo has said that there is no such thing as lack of developers – there is just lack of people/companies who are able to manage an outsourcing cooperation.

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