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The Finnish Software and E-business Association is the only Finnish association in its field that actively offers high standard trainings, quality seminars, and interesting networking opportunities to its member companies. Our community helps over 600 companies to do their business easier, better, and more effectively.

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We are committed to offer effortless networking between the software industry leaders. Our members have found cooperation partners and peer support by sharing their experiences, and also practical tips on for example growing, marketing, and product development.

Currently we organize regular meetings with timely themes, such as meetings for SaaS business managers and meetings for the people interested in the newest technologies on the IT field. Find all our events here.

The development needs of growing companies are often similar. By joining the Finnish Software and E-business Association, you get to learn and utilize other entrepreneurs’ experiences and tips, and therefore avoid many difficulties on the way. Open sharing and discussions enable a learning community where everyone doesn’t need to repeat the same mistakes.

Use our voice for your benefit

Our association is known as a brave advocate and speaker for the software industry. We know that there is strength in numbers, and we are not afraid to use it! We listen to our members tirelessly and bring timely matters into the public conversation. We speak out about current phenomena of the industry, while maintaining a good relationship with the media.

Widely successful Mimmit Koodaa program is a great example of us bringing up timely topics. The idea behind the program is to ease the burning shortage of experts in the software industry by encouraging and training more women, who are interested in the software development, to work on the field.

Stopping the new digital taxation measures proposed by the EU Commission is also an important part of our agenda. Moving the taxing of digital services to the user countries would be devastating news for the Finnish companies and the whole country’s tax income.

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Our membership benefits you greatly if you wish to learn about previously tested methods to grow your company and network with other entrepreneurs and leaders.

Yearly our members receives over 30 trainings, seminars, and events with the membership fee only. These events offered expert views and information, and valuable support and contacts for growing and developing business.

We are here for our members and we do everything to ensure their success. Creating value for software businesses and the whole industry in Finland is our key mission.

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